Articles in Press
Volume 5, Issue 3and4
Chemical Engineering
Volume 5, Issue 1and2
Electrical Engineering
Volume 4, Issue 4
Volume 5, Issue 3and4, 1998
Chemical Engineering

Pilot Plant Study of a New Chemical-Biological Treatment System for Pulp Mill Wastewaters
        S.M. Ghoreishi (PhD.)
  • M.R. Haghighi [PhD.]


Slim Tube Simulation and Prediction of Miscibility Mechanism Between Oil and Gas
        F. Rashidi (PhD.)
  • M. Hashemi [PhD.]


Solid State Fermentation of Untreated Leached Beet Pulp with Neurospora Sitophila
        S.A. Shojaosadati (PhD.)
  • Y. Chisti [PhD.]
  • M. Moo-Young [PhD.]


Intraparticle Mass Transfer Rate in Adsorption Systems with Freundlich Isotherm
        K. Kupiec (PhD.)
  • A. Georgiou [PhD.]


Prediction of Phase Stability of Hydrogen Bonded Polymer Mixtures by Lattice Fluid Theory Approach
        H. Modarress (PhD.)
  • M. Taimoori [PhD.]
  • G. A. Mansoori [Professor]


Application of Dynamic Programming Method in Optimal Control of Light Hydrocarbons Pyrolysis Reactors
        J. Towfighi (PhD.)
  • M. Karimaei [PhD.]
  • R. Karimzadeh [PhD.]


Toxic Effects of Bioavailable Cobalt and Cadmium on Methanogens
        M.R. Haghighi-Podeh (PhD.)
  • S.K. Bhattacharya [PhD.]


Extension of NRTL-NRF Model to Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium in Mixed Solvent Electrolyte Systems
        A. Haghtalab (PhD.)
  • E. Sarkisian [PhD.]


Modelling of Liquid-Liquid Extraction in a Rotating Disc Contactor Accounting for Drop Breakage and Mass Transfer with Contamination
        J.S. Ghalehchian (PhD.)
  • M.J. Slater [PhD.]


Free Coating of Viscoelastic Fluids onto a Vertical Surface
        S. Savarmand (PhD.)
  • W.L. Wilkinson [PhD.]
  • M.R. Golcar-Narenji [PhD.]


Effect of Environmental Parameters on Growth and Penicillin Production of P. Chrysogenum 202
        R. Roostaazad (PhD.)
  • M. Soleimani [PhD.]
  • A. Kazemi [PhD.]


Modeling of Calcium Sulphate Scale Formation During Nucleate Pool Boiling
        S.H. Najibi (PhD.)
  • M. Jamialahmadi [PhD.]
  • H. Muller-Steinhagen [PhD.]


A Quantized Solution Technique for Gas-Solid Reactions Considering the Grain Model with Product Layer Resistance
        E. Jamshidi (PhD.)
  • H. Ale-Ebrahim [PhD.]