Articles in Press
Volume 5, Issue 3and4
Chemical Engineering
Volume 5, Issue 1and2
Electrical Engineering
Volume 4, Issue 4
Volume 5, Issue 1and2, 1998
Electrical Engineering

Holographic Diffusers: Application for Indoor Infrared Communications
        M.R. Pakravan (PhD.)
  • E. Simova [PhD.]
  • M. Kavehrad [PhD.]


Limits of Spectral Encoding CDMA Networks Using Noncoherent Sources Due to Source Induced Intensity Noise
        M. Tabiani (PhD.)
  • F. Behnia [PhD.]


A New Approach for Coherent Radar Detection in K-Distributed Interference
        M.R. Taban (PhD.)
  • M.R. Aref [PhD.]
  • H. Alavi [PhD.]
  • M.M. Nayebi [PhD.]


A High Quality 2400 BPS FVQ-MMBE Speech Coder
        A. Sayadian (PhD.)


Comparing n^+nn^{++} Diodes Made by Si and GaAs Using Monte Carlo Method
        R. Faez (PhD.)
  • M. Farahmand [PhD.]


Optimizing a Buck Zero-Voltage-Switched Quasi-Square-Wave Converter as a Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracker
        S. Farhangi (PhD.)
  • B. Razavi [PhD.]
  • E. Asl-Soleimani [PhD.]
  • M.S. Zabihi [PhD.]


Adding Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) Capability to a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
        B. Rashidian (PhD.)
  • P. Monajemi [PhD.]


Genetic Algorithm Tuning of a Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer
        H. Seifi (PhD.)
  • M.M. Pedram [PhD.]


Predicting Propagation Loss in Urban Area Using Multiple-Edge Diffraction (MED) Method
        A. Ghorbani (PhD.)
  • S. Bonyadi-Ram [PhD.]