Articles in Press
Volume 6, Issue 2
Mechnical Engineering
Volume 6, Issue 3and4
Civil Engineering
Volume 6, Issue 1
Electrical Engineering
Volume 6, Issue 3and4, 1999
Civil Engineering

Discrete Finite Element Method for Analysis of Masonry and Rock Structure
        I.H.P. Mamaghani (PhD.)
  • Ö. Aydan [PhD.]


A Non-Parametric Approach for Estimation of Peak Horizontal Acceleration in Japan
        S.M.R. Emami (PhD.)
  • T. Harada [PhD.]
  • Y. Iwao [PhD.]


Influeiceo f Initial Effective Principal Stresses on Hydraulic Fracturing in Soil
        A. Pak (PhD.)
  • S.A. Sadrnezhad [PhD.]
  • A. Nouri [PhD.]


Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Tubular Joints of Offshore Structures Using the Principle of Maximum Entropy
        A.A. Aghakouchack (PhD.)
  • A.R. Mosayyebi [PhD.]


Optimum Shape Design of 3-D Continuum Structures Using Second Order Approximatio
        E. Salajegheh (PhD.)


Progressive Fracture Analysis of Layered Composites by a Combined Finite/Discrete Element Algorithm
        S. Mohammadi (PhD.)
  • D.R.J. Owen [PhD.]
  • D. Peric [PhD.]


Effect of Viscoelastic Dampers on a Semi-Rigid "Khorjinee" Steel Framing Connectio
        M. Tehranizadeh (PhD.)


Effect of Amount and Angularity of Particles on Undrained Behavior of Silty Sand
        S.M. Haeri (PhD.)
  • S.S. Yasrebi [PhD.]


Streambed Erosion Modeling and Its Solution by Finite Element Method
        N. Talebbeydokhti (PhD.)
  • A. Baghlani [PhD.]


Nonlinear Static Analysis of Cable Structures by Minimization of Total Potential Energy Including Instability Effects
        F. Daneshjoo (PhD.)