Articles in Press
Volume 7, Issue 2
Chemical Engineering
Volume 7, Issue 3and4
Electrical Engineering
Volume 7, Issue 1
Volume 7, Issue 3and4, 2000
Electrical Engineering

P-Forms of Whitney Elements Time and Frequency Domain Finite Element Methods
        M.A. Kolbehdari (PhD.)


The Solution of Vector Wave Equation in Optical Waveguides Using Hermite-Gauss Basis Functions
        K. Barkeshli (PhD.)
  • R. Azadegan [PhD.]


Effects of Doping and Alloy Composition on Electron Transport in Submicron GaAs/A1GaAs MESFETs: A Monte Carlo Simulation
        M.K. Moravvej-Farshi (PhD.)
  • K. Saghafi [PhD.]


A Symbolic Analysis Technique for Large Electronic Circuits
        M. Sharif-Bakhtiar (PhD.)
  • N. Riahi [PhD.]


A New Auto-Regressive Order Selection Algorithm
        M.H. Bastani (PhD.)
  • M. Karimi [PhD.]


A Novel Hybrid HMM/ANN Structure for Discriminative Training in Speech Recognition
        I. Gholampour (PhD.)
  • K. Nayebi [PhD.]


Comparison of CDMA and TDMA in AWGN Channels
        M. Abtahi (PhD.)
  • S. Valaee [PhD.]
  • M. Tabiani [PhD.]


A New Method for Fast Maximum Loadability Assessment of Large Scale Power Systems
        M. Ehsan (PhD.)
  • M. Khederzadeh [PhD.]


Design of a Very Fast Logic Gate Using MBT
        R. Faez (PhD.)
  • M. Tabandeh [PhD.]


A Modular Modeling Method for Dynamic Stability Studies of Power Systems Including FACTS Devices
        M. Parniani (PhD.)
  • S. Filizadeh [PhD.]


The KryptoKnight Family of Protocols: Evaluation and Enhancement
        M. Berenjkoub (PhD.)
  • H. Saidi [PhD.]
  • M.R. Aref [PhD.]


Effective Classical Potential for Quantum Semiconductor Devices
        R. Faez (PhD.)
  • S.E. Hosseini [PhD.]


Application of an Error Adaptive Finite Element Method for the Solution of Static Electromagnetic Problems
        K. Barkeshli (PhD.)
  • N. Amjady [PhD.]


Incoherently Distributed Source Localization
        S. Shahbazpanahi (PhD.)
  • S. Valaee [PhD.]
  • M.H. Bastani [PhD.]